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Annual Reports

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Accounting Act, 2004, the Annual Reports of The Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario are set out below:


Business Plan

As an agency of the Ontario government, PAC prepares and posts a Minister-approved three-year period business plan annually.


Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses

This section lists the travel, meal and hospitality expense claims of the Council’s Chair, Members and Chief Executive Officer for the Council’s fiscal year ending October 31, 2015 and then updated quarterly thereafter.

The policy of the Public Accountants Council for travel, meal and hospitality expenses is consistent with the Ontario Government's expense directive for the broader public sector (BPS).  (BPS Directive)


Open Data

Under Ontario’s Open Data Directive, provincial agencies are required to post a public Data Inventory of all the data sets they create, collect and/or manage.

Rules, laws and directives for provincial agencies:

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